Date: 1891

Origin: Toronto Public Library

The Ad in the Exhibition’s 1891 Programme read as follows:

DUNBAR & CO. ask a trial of these PRIZE MEDAL Linen Threads


DUNBAR’S 3 cord Thread on 1 and 2 oz and 200 yards spools is UNSURPASSED.

DUNBAR’S Linen Floss and pure white Beats the World, for beauty of colour and finish.

Tailors’ Linen Threads, Linen Skein, Carpet Threads, Sole Sewing Machine Threads, are awarded FIRST PRIZE, wherever exhibited.

When using Linen Threads OF ANY kind ask for DUNBAR’s and it will give you SATISFACTION in EVERY case.


If your dealer has not DUNBAR’S THREAD in stock, send or write to:


14 Colborne Street, TORONTO

and he will tell you where it can readily be obtained.