Date: 1930

Origin: CNE Archives

Made of brick, pre-cast concrete and stone, the Government Building (now the Medieval Times Building) has a large central glazed dome, porticoed entrances and ornamental metalwork at the cornice line. The building, which opened in 1912, also has a central entrance with semi-circular pediments and twin towers topped with lanterns and domes. The Medieval Times Building is Gouinlock’s largest remaining CNE building. Its dome relates contextually to several of Gouinlock’s other buildings, such as the Music Building and the Horticulture Building. The location of the Medieval Times Building allows it to act as a focal point just inside the Dufferin Gate. Originally known as the Government Building, this structure housed exhibits sponsored by the Provincial Government. In 1926, a new building was constructed for the province, the Ontario Government Building, located just south of the Government Building. With this change, the Government Building took on several different roles and with each new role, a new name. For instance, the Government Building has also been known as the Dominion Government Building, the British Empire Building and the Travel and Tourism Building. Between 1942 and 1946, when the CNE grounds were occupied by the Canadian military, the building was used as a storage depot. In 1969, the building again took on a new function and a new name, Careers, Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Building. This name was shortened to Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Building in 1970. From that time up until 1992, the building featured commercial displays of handmade wares ranging from foodstuffs to furniture. Since 1993, the old Government Building has been home to the Medieval Times dinner theatre.