Date: 1937

Origin: Gregg (Scooter) Korek; Conklin Shows Archives

An exciting addition to the CNE’s 1937 roster of attractions in the Midway (newly refreshed and now called: Frolexland) is the Great Guillotine Mystery show situated beside the popular Roller Coaster.

Lets Set The Stage.

A woman in her 20s, rests her head in a guillotine. A young emcee acts as executioner and rabble-rouser — inciting a couple dozen people to chant: “Off with her head!” And so falls the blade, cleanly slicing the woman in two — amid gasps from the audience. But not to worry! Her head soon is resting comfortably on a nearby chair, being interviewed by the executioner. The headless women  left a lasting impression — finally appearing again with her body reattached.

The most amazing thing of all? Over the course of the fair, Miss Spooky’s head will roll hundreds of times. The troupe of more than a dozen performances about every half-hour — more than two dozen times a day.